How to wear a boot knife


Boot knives have become so popular that there are laws placed on their usage and ownership. Without boot knives, we would spend more time indoors and won't save most people when they are in danger.

The right boot knife will protect you against various threats and dangers. It is ideal for defending yourself against enemies.

As a growing girl, while several lots were being fascinated by Barbie’s and dolls, I was all about the adventure. I’ve always liked to be tough, look tough, and act fierce, you know, your average tomboy – girl.

Anyways, it kept bullies from me all through my early childhood days. I behaved like a boy, had action figure toys rather than Barbie dolls most girls my age where the craving for.

I took to defending my friends when bullies tried to roughen them up. I remember I had a small blade I used to inflict a little cut on a much older girl for trying to bully one of my friends, didn’t turn out to be the smartest move I made as a kid but heck… she learned her lesson.

I decided that I’d like to have something strong and sturdy to keep me safe, you know from day to day activities when I’m a lot older.

Like I said, I liked exploring from my early days. Fast forward ten years later, well, nothing’s changed. I’m still a fierce chic.

I’ve got my pack of survival knives, a collection of defense and military knives. If you come across my knives collection you’d wonder why I have such a pectoral of knives – maybe even ask if I’m going on a killing spree.

Anyways, having a knife is one thing, knowing to wear it is another. One of the best ways to pack a knife is to have it worn on boot. But… it could be dangerous if not properly worn.

Imagine going into the woods with a knife in the wrong shoes or at the side of your stomach while you’re running, climbing and jumping.

The right Boots are very useful, especially when you need to conceal what you’re carrying. There are so many reasons why we or those with knives in boots carry knives.

These reasons include:

Survival and Protection:

No one carries a knife for no reason. There is always a reason for carrying one, and when most of these individuals are asked, they’d tell you it’s for survival.

A boot knife could be used to rescue people in danger, cut or slice foods and meat, especially when you’re stranded somewhere. Your boot knife will come in handy.

We will not dwell on reasons for carrying knives. Every man has his reason(s). But how is it done? How do you wear and carry a boot knife around?

A boot knife is also known as a dagger that could be worn or strapped on boot. Boot knives are not very common because they are weapons and a few states have laws and permits for carrying them.

There are knife legislations passed by the government that prohibit and criminalizes the illegal manufacture, sale, transfer and even possession of boot knives.

Carry these knives in public is also prohibited in most countries. These laws also go for pen knives, pocket knives and exceptions are made for cooking knives and other knives such as hunting knives.

A boot knife is not a hunting knife, but you can hunt with it. In most countries, the state laws against knives are different from the federal government laws. You have to know both laws.

In Iowa for example, it is illegal or forbidden to carry knives whose blade length is over 5 inches. Knives and daggers are tagged weapons around the world; it’s almost like carrying a loaded pistol.

Some boot knives could be strapped visibly around the ankle and others can be hidden. This sometimes depends on the size of the boot or knife.

A small knife could be concealed in a large boot, and a large knife could be concealed in a large boot as well.

How to Wear a Boot Knife

I believe you are currently reading this because you already bought a boot and a knife with a sheath and built-in straps. It'd be easier if that is the case.

All you need is to select the knife for your boot. It should be a long knife that fits the boot. If the knife is not long enough for the boot, it'd be hard to take out later.

Depending on your boot, most sheaths are usually strapped outside the shoe because they originally come with the shoe. Some are in front of the shoe where the shoe laces are, for small knives.

If your shoe doesn't come with a sheath, then you need to get one. Most daggers come with a knife sheath anyways. A few rare brown boots come with a sheath concealed within the boot.

Unlike military boots for combats, you don't need some thick socks to wear a boot knife. All you need is the boot and the knife.

You only wear thick socks to tighten the shoes around your feet and ankle or for protection when you're not sure the knife will hang around your boot.

1. Put your knife in the sheath first.

If the sheath is a detachable one, take it off the boot before fixing the knife in. The sheath is there to act as a protective cover against your leg to prevent cuts on your leg, conceal the knife and help prevent other injuries as well.

This is why you don't necessarily need the socks. But no one recommends we put knives into the inner sides of boots, fetching and returning the knife to that particular area is usually difficult and somewhat disturbing.

2. Put your boots on.

Slide your knife into space for it on your boot. If there is no space for it, slide it into the boot carefully. If you find it difficult or disturbing, try the opposite leg.

It is usually advised you put the knife into a side you'd be able to fetch it from easily and faster. For example, If you are left-handed, place it on your left boot.

3. Find a rope or shoelace to tie the sheath against your calf.

You will be doing this to hold the knife sheath around your boot. Make sure the rope is durable to avoid cutting or breakage. Wrap the rope twice around the sheath, and then wrap it around your calf twice as well before tying it in place.

After this, try walking with the boots to determine how comfortable they are. Most people get serious bruises from wearing their first knives around.

If you are feeling uncomfortable, find a way to adjust the sheath or move it to the other boot and try again.

If there is any disturbing part of the boot or sheath that is making the boot feel uncomfortable, take it out if you can.


Be sure to check the sheath's other end. If it comes with a hole, sew it up to prevent accidents from the knife. Make sure you pick a knife that fits the sheath or buy a knife with a sheath.

Get a boot for your protection knives. Placing a knife at the side of your stomach is dangerous. IF the knife is a small one, it could slide downwards or fall off. If it’s a huge knife, then your movements may be restricted.

Your boot knife depends on the design of your boot rig. Be sure to find out or go with the boots (to test) while buying a knife.

The better the knife, the costlier it gets. Great knives are usually expensive. Make sure you buy a durable knife that won’t empty your pocket.

Also, allow the knife seller pick a knife for your boot. They are quite experienced, and you should pay attention to them most of the time.

You don’t have to wear your boot knife around anytime, only when necessary. If you go out in these boots at odd hours, the police might call you in for questioning.

    Alison Lawrence

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