Pop-up camping tips for outdoor fun


Modern day campers are stuck between two choices, have a carry about hammock or tent or go out and slay with a pop-up camper.

Surely most campers start out small using tents and hammocks, but once you’re tired and need to explore the big fish, then you would need a more comfortable, and an improved style for camping – enter the popup camper.

What exactly is a pop-up camper?

According to Wikipedia, a popup camper isn’t your everyday vehicle. It’s a type of a towed RV (recreational vehicle) which you can easily store away by collapsing. It’s also easy to carry that’s thanks to its collapsibility as well.

Pop-up campers are interesting types of RV camping, in that they offer a modified internal spacing which is relatively larger when setup. Also, they are not super pricey which makes them a fan favorite of various RV lovers.

Now that have covered that, let’s talk about the features of a pop-up camper…

You can’t be a serious pop-up camper without knowing the features of these collapsible RVs. For one, most of these pop-up campers are made of a box, soft walls (usually made of canvas or vinyl or maybe a something related), trailer frame, pull out bunks, windows with screens and definitely roofs – hard ones.

If you are more interested in a basic pop-up camper, their features are a tad more intricate I guess. They comprise of fresh water tanks, interior lightening – DC, cabinets for storage, 12-volt power system which comprises of AC to DC converter as well as a deep cycle battery, also includes fold-down dinette (a mix of bench and table top) and sleeping areas.

A few other pop-up campers have extended area large enough for to fit absorption refrigerator which uses either electric or gas, electrical water pumps, a stove, a water heater, propane furnace, propane tanks, a roof vent, shower, brakes, and several other devices.

If you are going for the more expensive pop-up camper models, then you’d have some facilities like a slide out section which helps increase the total interior space, wastewater tanks, oven and a microwave.

Tips for setting up of pop-up camping

You probably already know this, but let me reiterate. Pop-up campers are towed. They are carried about on a vehicle, just like you carry your backpack on your back.

Their setup as such involves getting them removed/disconnected from the vehicle it is sat on. It should also be leveled.

Before you start the opening of a pop-up be sure you already have the trailer parked and choked, it should also be disconnected (removed from the towing vehicle), then leveled.

You can then proceed to pull apart. Have the roofs raised with a winch, then pull out the bunks located at the front and back of the trailer using your hands.

The setup process overall boils down to the type/configuration of the pop-up camper you have. The equipment on board and all would determine what additional steps you’d have to go through to adequate setup your popup camper.

For instance, you’d be required to fit basic utilizes likes water, electricity and sewer compartments), removing sinks and washing basins, refitting the dining area, making your bed when it’s all over, and rearranging your stuff.

Pop-up camping tips

Have an outdoor kitchen!

You can’t be having tips without talking about your kitchen. If you are all about having all the space you need while showing off your culinary skills; then an outdoor kitchen would be just awesome.

Of course, you can make use of an inside kitchen (these pop-up campers do come with a stove you can conveniently use to cook at whatever time you please), but if you need more room and a less stuffy environment, an outdoor kitchen is fine.

Bring your boards along for the ride!

You don’t know what boards could do for you. For one, they come in very handy in unleveled grounds, and they are quite useful for other stuff, like chopping veggies.

You probably need a carpet

You don’t want to always get dirt, mud, and other stuff into your trailer, do you? I’m guessing no. Well, you could always make do with camping carpets. They are handy especially if you are camping at the beach or somewhere with a pile of debris, mud, sand, etc.

If however you are situated at areas with cemented patios, you can store away your carpet and wait for your next adventure.

PS: In getting carpets, go for large sized carpets.

Handy chocks on ground

You don’t want your trailer running off on you. This is where chocks come in, just like boards is on the unleveled ground, chocks help keep your trailer in place. Simply place your chocks in front, and at the back/behind the tire/wheel, this would keep your trailer sturdy and in position. The cool this is that chocks aren’t even costly; they are decently priced like brakes.

You do need jacks – an auto trailer jack is a real deal!

Jacks are a thing you need. You need to jacks to either lower or lift your hitch. While there are manual jacks that come with a crank that you are supposed to wind till you are satisfied or maybe dead tired to think straight, there are also automatic jacks.

Automatic jacks are what you need if you desire a piece of mind and your arm still in place that is. You are only supposed to press a button, and your trailer is either lifted or lowered without issues.

If you are a cool dude, a modern camper, then you should be going the route of automatic jacks.

Spray bombs!

Well, if you are cruising around in a beat up pop-up camper, what’s the use? Just have a spray bomb ready and blast away!


You can improvise a lot with pop-up campers. Don’t be restricted by what you have, make new structures from existing structures. For instance, due to the space in popup campers, you can have your furniture like dinette converted into a bed (a large dinette capable of seating around four diners would comfortably sleep two).

Also, if there’s a couch present, you can have it converted to bed by folding it down. You can also shift position of items like the gas stove, table, etc. to create more space. If you are moving items out to create space, attach them to the side of the popup camper.

Backing up a trailer

Backing up a trailer is not very difficult, but not very many people can back up a trailer in a campground effectively without ruining their lights. I’ll be showing you some very minute yet adequate tips to effectively backup your trailer. You don’t need to bust open your lights or scratch the sides anymore

Okay, here goes…

While driving, place your at steering wheel end, turn left if you’d like to have your trailer follow suite, or turn right if you’d like your trailer to go right (remember the key is knowing the direction you want your trailer to go and going that way).

You shouldn’t be discouraged if you are not getting it right at first, as it takes a lot of practice especially if you just started towing recently.

Finally, there are several tips to have your popup camping trip a huge success, but following these few tips should see you enjoying outdoor fun with your popup camper.

    Alison Lawrence

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