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Elk Hunting Tips

camping wildfire - elk hunting

Hunting is one of the West’s finest outdoor activity and for a good reason. There are a lot of animals to hunt from goose to ducks, doves, Elks and so on. Elk hunting is particularly interesting because Elks are big games and come with rewarding benefits for hunters. You get a trophy sized game with […]

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Dove Hunting Tips

Campingwildfire - dove hunting

Dove hunting is an entertaining, fun yet pretty difficult form of hunting. The season of dove hunting sees new participants learn the trades of game hunting and while this particular hunting requires a unique skill set and a precise shooting skill, there are tips to guide you to become a pro at hunting doves this […]

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How to Hunt Coyotes at Night


Follow Quick Navigation Tips on how to hunt Coyotes at nightSilence:Listen: Hunt Early: Wear Full Camouflage: Light: Use Several Calls: Distance: Scanning: Halo: Rehearse For Tough Shots: Moon Phase: The Coyote is a wild animal of the dog family native to North America. It is quite hilarious that people mistake coyotes for dogs. However, coyotes […]

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How long does dry milk last?


Follow Contents What is dry milk?How long does dry milk last?What is the difference between regular and instant dry milk?How is dry milk made?Uses for dry milk in the backcountry:Food IdeasOther Uses Need a quick source of calcium while traveling, but unable to keep dairy products refrigerated? Do you find yourself wanting to cook morning […]

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