Best Campgrounds in Georgia

Campgrounds have grown from a handful to over 100 in Georgia. What used to be placed for some alone time and relaxation has now turned into a lucrative business.

Even in the hills and the northern parts of Georgia. Cartersville, Georgia alone has about seven campgrounds that are popular in the state.

Some of these campgrounds have managed to gain customer attention with their facilities while others have managed to annoy customers who never return – Welcome to Georgia!

In the beginning, Campgrounds were established for quiet, low keyed hangouts and relaxation.

These days, owning a campground seems to turn out as some lucrative business with ratings on how good or bad it is, and everyone seems to either participate in the ratings or judge a campground by them.

Those who haven’t visited most of these campgrounds are quick to judge and pick according to reviews. These ratings and reviews keep coming, especially on Google maps.

Scenic Mountain RV Park and Campground has a crazy 4.9 rating by 24 visitors and reviewers, while Dockery Lake Campground (with 9 Google reviews) has an impressive 4.8 rating.

We could go on and on about the ratings and reviews but why are most of these campgrounds rated as the best in Georgia, you ask?

We’ll leave that to you confirm when you take a trip over. For now, let’s take a look at the best and why they are being rated as the best in Georgia.

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Scenic Mountain RV Park and Campground

Scenic Mountain RV Park is on Irwinton Road, in Milledgeville. It has easy access to shopping and restaurants. This is really important because you go sightseeing and shopping outside the campsite.

There are a gift shop and the cabins on the campground come with a fully installed kitchen and bathroom. Most of its reviewers keep gushing over how neat the campground is and how great their customer service is.

It is top on the list because the ratings and reviews keep coming. Everyone seems to love the camp because it has almost all the facilities you could wish for on a campground, a spacious land mass, and the cabins are spaced from each other as well.


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TrackRock Camp Grounds & Cabins

TrackRock is on the camp road of the same name in Blairsville. You can go hay riding, trail riding, and swimming.

There are a beach area and playgrounds for kids, a pond for fishing and you don't need to have your fishing license. You can keep what you catch.

TrackRock also has a stable for horses, laundry rooms, game room, grills and tent sites. It's the perfect place for kids if you ask me.


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Dockery Lake Campground

This is one of the few campgrounds in America with over ten campsites and a huge land mass for hiking and fishing. Dockery Lake Campground is really quiet sometimes; maybe it's because it's huge. Unlike other campgrounds out there, most of the sounds you hear are from birds, insects, and windy trees. I hope to visit this campground someday.


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Lookout Mtn. / Chattanooga West KOA

Lookout is at 930 Mountain Shadows Dr, Trenton. It has all the basic facilities you'd expect in a camp. The campsites are pretty maintained and neat. It is also one of the oldest in Georgia and has been there for over 20 years. Apart from all these, Lookout has a great view as well.


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Fair Harbor RV Park & Campground

There are goats in Fair Harbor, for real. The campground is neat, spacious and there are huge shade trees around. These woods seem to make the environment really quiet for camping which is really good.

So how spacious is it? Well, the campground as a huge RV park with over 195 sites. The bathrooms are great too, and the customer service is friendly.


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Yonah Mountain Campground

Do you like ice cream? Well, Yonah Mountain has a clubhouse in the campground where you can stuff your face with your favorite desserts and snacks. There are so many activities on the camp for everyone, especially the kids.

It is a recommended campground for the family get together as well. The staffs are friendly, and yes, there is a great view from the campground.


Here are a few honorable mentions. With time, we hope these campgrounds will come up as well. They are also a mix of resorts, state parks, national forests with campgrounds in them.

1. F.D. Roosevelt State Park:

A state park with the natural environment for hiking, camping, and seasonal activities and also the former historical home of F.D. Roosevelt.

2. Cloudland Canyon State Park:

Yes, the state park is bigger than a campground – It has a cave, bike trails, and paths, campgrounds, cottages for rents in it. The bike paths are natural, and it is located in Rising Fawn.

3. Woodring Branch Campground

Is at Chatsworth. If you ever happen to visit the campground, wait for sunset – Sunsets are great over there. The views are just astonishing. I’d take a camera if I were you.

What do people love about these campgrounds?

  • Spaciousness: Everyone seems to want their spot with some privacy each time they visit a campground. This is important because it helps them think and talk about important things that matter – away from all the noise and bustle in town.
  • Neatness: Most of the people that complained about some low rated campgrounds in Georgia kept talking about how uncomfortable and dirty the environment is. Campgrounds are expected to be neat – Throughout their stay, any unpleasant smell could be attributed to the campgrounds dirtiness.
  • Quietness: Marissa checked into one of the campgrounds in Georgia with her husband. After spending the night in one of the last cabins on the campground, she angrily left and left a review, “…There was loud music, and my cabin was close to the trash dump. Late in the night, people were dumping all kinds of trash, and we could hear bottles crashing, and there’s this unpleasant smell. We will not visit again…” Most people choose to leave the noise in the cities to come camping, and they don’t expect all that noise in campgrounds.
  • Customer Service: The staffs are always noticed because they are the first individuals you speak with the first time you walk into the campground – it could be anyone that works there. A successful campground owes it to its staffs. Every campground mentioned here has a great customer service – nice, friendly people who maintain the place and relate with guests as well.
  • RV Park: Every great campground has a great RV park. This does not mean that all campgrounds have one but if your campground has to have an RV park, make it big, clean and friendly with cash wash and mechanics who service vehicles. It’s one of those great qualities mentioned when a great campground is being talked about.
  • Internet facility: Sadly, it’s not all campground owners or managers that pay attention to this. A great campground should have great Wi-Fi or internet service. If not everywhere around then the cabins and tent areas should have adequate internet facilities or service.

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